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Morgan & Robert

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From the bride, Morgan:

Love at first sight doesn’t quite apply to us. We met while both being collegiate athletes. After me being persistent in pursuing him it took him a while to warm up to me. We dated for three and a half years before we got engaged. During that time we experienced highs and lows, the challenges we faced brought us closer together and for that we wouldn’t change a thing. God has been so faithful to us over the years, and were so grateful for this journey of life we have been able to embark on.

I don’t what you would call my style or where I got my inspiration from. I knew I wanted something sweet and romantic but with a unique twist. Robert was set on having blue suits for the men and I was set on the bridesmaid dresses I had found, so after we established that the rest fell into place. I would have to say overall we wanted it to have a traditional feel.

One special detail I was set on was having the tart bar at the reception. After the stress of figuring it all out I was so pleased with the end result! I wanted to have another kind of dessert besides wedding cake, I have a big sweet tooth! But I also didn’t want the candy bar or popcorn machine (My husband really wanted popcorn, luckily we had some made for the rehearsal dinner, comprise from before day 1:))

My favorite moment of the day was being up at the alter with my husband. I had so many emotions that were running through me the morning of, But once the doors of the church opened and my dad handed me off the rest was wonderful. I was lost in the moment with him and it truly felt like it was just us. It felt like the world had paused, and God was just showering us with blessings.

Advice: Do the least amount of DIY projects as possible! Trust me…I know what it is like to get lost in Pintrest! I did my best to keep my projects to a minimum and even so it felt like there still so much for me to do. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with tasks I couldn’t take on. I do have one other piece of advice…on the wedding night, when it is finally time to get some sleep, don’t forget your zzzquil! It was impossible to go to sleep, we just kept laughing and thinking about all the fun our reception was and how neat it was to see all our family!

Music was one of the hardest things for us to decide on! We love all kinds of music, which definitely did not help, but after a while it became so overwhelming! For the processional we had Divine Romance, by Phil Wickham and the Bridal entrance was Canon in D. We had two worship songs that were sung during the service they were 10,000 Reasons and Amazing Grace. Our recessional was Best of My Love, by the Emotions. And our first dance was Forever Like That, acoustic version by Ben Rector.

There were so many photos I loved! One of my favorites was when Robert and I saw each other for the first time. He had no idea what my dress or veil looked like. I love the picture where he is holding my veil and we’re laughing and smiling about how amazing it was to be all dressed up in that moment. My other favorite picture of he and I was taken right after the ceremony, we walked down the isle and headed right into the ready room. There was a picture taken of me hugging the matron of honor and Robert hugging the best man. It is the perfect picture to capture the emotion between the two of us, but more importantly it captured how amazing it was to share that moment with the people who are closest to us.


Ceremony Venue: First Pres Fresno | Reception Venue: The Downtown Club in Fresno, California | Catering: Clovis Catering | Florist: Simply Flowers

Tanya & Lucas

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Lynae Lucchesi -

Omg!!! Love every single picture! Great job!!! It makes it even easier when you have a good looking couple!

Denise Fry -

These are amazing!!!

Kathy DenDulk Van Duyn -

Thanks for doing such a great job of capturing so many wonderful memories….can’t wait to see the rest!

Kathryn Sangsland -

These look fantastic! What a beautiful wedding and a gorgeous couple!

Melisa Birkey -

Wow awesome photos!

Alicia Van Duyn -

They are absolutely Stunning! Seriously SUCH a beautiful couple, its so clear that they’re beauty comes from the inside and shines outward! <3

Lowell- Dianne Birkey -

Wow- beautiful wedding and beautiful pictures!! Didn’t notice the guy’s socks until the pictures.

Deb Sprunger Martens -

Such a beautiful wedding with such beautiful people!

Megan & Nick

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Love Story: I think nick says it best “We met in 1999…It was just one of those playing in the neighborhood, meeting the girl next door, becoming best friends and falling in love sort of thing…”

Inspiration: I wanted something organic and soft with hints of sparkle. We really just wanted this to be a celebration of the official merge of our two families. I wanted everyone to feel comfortable but still have hints of luxury without it feeling stuffy.

It was really important to me to have little details scattered throughout. For example, the memory table for my grandma, pillows on the lounge benches, bathroom condiments for any emergency issues and of course favors from Temecula in order to support the local community and share something we love.

Favorite Moment: The whole day! :) This is a hard one as there are so many.  However, if I had to choose one I wood say it was the moment walking back down the aisle with nick as my husband. We both could not believe that the day had finally arrived.

Advice: Cherish every moment because the day flies by.

Musical Choices: Seating of mothers and grandma: Chasing cars – Eric Wuest : Bridesmaids: Titanium – Daniel Jang (cover) | Bride processional: A Thousand Years – Piano Guys (cover) | Recesional: Love me like you do – Ellie Goulding | First dance: Amazed – Lone Star (this has been our song since high school so it was a natural choice)

Photography: We Heart Photography | Photobooth: The Heartbooth | Venue: Ponte Winery | Florist: Jocelyn @ 1703 Event Studios
Cake: Cakes to Celebrate | Gown Designer: Watters from Nordstrom